By Ramon Llamba
14 Mar 2018

Golden Age Transformation exists to help you expand into your highest potential as a more embodied spiritual being. In order to actualize this, Golden Age Transformation has specially created a one year Life School program, that combines varied modalities and frameworks to help you develop energetic understanding of your being including your chakras and the knowledge to help you expand into your most vibrant You – thereby shifting you to You, transforming you from unconscious energy to conscious awareness.

Golden Age Transformation is led by Dr Ramon Llamba, PhD, whose natural and learned abilities as an energy healer allows her to help you shift into a higher vibratory state that calls forth more success in every area of your life — from fulfilling love and strong enduring relationships, to vibrant health, unlimited wealth, and more. If you feel blocked in any area, the one year program at the Life School at Golden Age Transformation can help you break through the barriers you feel are holding you back. And more importantly, this one year Life School program can help you blast through them for good!

Dr. Ramon Llamba holds a PhD in Meta Physics and Behavioral Communications from American School of Business Psychology, and understands how to work with your conscious mind, but more importantly, she also knows amazing, tried-and-true techniques for how to deal with the real driver of human behavior – your subconscious mind.Through her more than a decade experience of study, research, and practice of bioenergetics and epigenetics, Dr Ramon Llamba has specially designed the one year program at the Life School to impart learnings of energy integration and life coaching to help you understand all of your behaviors – conscious and unconscious – and shift them in whatever way your heart desires. No more wondering why you did that thing you didn’t want to do! Or why you can’t seem to do that thing you do want to do!

The one year program at the Life School at Golden Age Transformation has been created to help you disconnect from what does not serve you. The program provides strategies and techniques to reprogram how you communicate with yourself and your environment. Dr Ramon Llamba has created many of the techniques used in the program, and used them throughout her life. This has helped her cope with many challenging situations while concurrently the techniques have been used and proved to work by her clients and successfully helped them reprogram their internal narrative.

So what does this program consist of and how does it work?

This one year program will give you tools to be in charge of your life by taking control of your brain, language and habits.

We all have a background conversation. Many times it’s so intricately aligned with our identity that we fail to see it’s just a story we’re telling ourselves – and not reality. It begins by understanding where we are at, what belief systems we are caught in, and what language we use in our day-to-day. The tools given to you as part of the Life School will intentionally align your belief system with your long-term goals and create a sustainable and supportive conversation for your growth. And, thus, once you acknowledge your starting point and embrace your goals, the tools given out in the Life School can help you take responsibility for your actions, habits and past behaviors.

Dr. Ramon Llamba will closely work with you, through the entirety of the one year, including personal customized one-on-one sessions, and will break your individual goals into steps and manageable actions. She will, then, help create a separation between who you were and who you need to become to have the life you desire. She, moreover, will work on the techniques she has developed to powerfully commit yourself to this growth. At the end of the program, whatever has been stopping you so far will be, then, your guide to success. Dr Ramon Llamba will explore areas in which you’ve placed your value and reexamine how that fits into the new plan. She will use your darkest times and experiences to work for you and not against us. She and you will be a team, not just one character. The challenges you face can be minimized by your openness and willingness to expand the way in which you look at life.

In sum, the one year program will have created a life of more awareness, fulfillment, and purpose. You will have married your life and committed to overcoming any obstacles life may have thrown in your way. This program is about finding the real You! So, what are you waiting for? Call +91-9313377299 to schedule your own “Discover You” call.

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