By Ramon Llamba
24 Jun 2015

This two day workshop lead by Life coach, business coach,karma therapist, law of attraction coach and emotion manager, RAMON LLAMBA is designed to help you deal with your life more powerfully, especially in the area of emotion management and body management. learn life science, emotion science, mind science and law of attraction and undertastand why people behave the way they behave, and how you can behave differently and come out as a winner in personal and professional areas of life. learn effective ways of manifesting your dreams and change your financial reality.This two days will help you deal with the grey areas of your life and give you powerful tools and techniques to handle your own damaging emotions, all your patterns that lead to stress, excess weight , low self esteem issues, low confidence, assertive communication and the science of life…..YOU WERE BORN TO WIN YOUR LIFE….NOT COMPROMISE….THE ONLY DIFFERENCE IS …YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO DO IT. PAY 15000 INR, and be the architect of your mind, body emotions and soul.

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